3. News

    several things! 

    1. I have fixed the broken links 

    2. Marco and Marty art is for sale if you are interested. 

    3. Though I have changed the format of the tumblr page again, you can read it like a web comic if you prefer by going to the Archive button on the bottom, clicking the earliest comic, and pushing “previous” to get to the next comic. A little counter-intuitive but there it is. 

    4. Yes, I am going to start writing more comics… I just need to figure out what to write first. :\ 

    Anyway, tata for now, kids! 


  5. Printed in the Daily Illini, December 13, 2012. 

  8. Welp. Marco and Marty are meeting their maker, so to speak. I will be working on a new project for the next six months, so I won’t really be able to update the Marco and Marty comic strip. I am not sure if I am gonna return to it at some future date or if this is, in fact, “it.” I will be writing three more strips for the Daily Illini’s comic section, and then there won’t be any more updates unless I come back to it after June 2013.

    What can I say? I have really been honored to have such a supportive readership and a faithful one. It has been an immense pleasure to write Marco and Marty, and hopefully it has been a pleasure reading it. The boys were created originally as an artistic exercise, and they became a comic strip — my first successful comic strip, in my opinion. It has taught me a great deal about writing comics, and I hope to use what I have learned in my future projects.

    So, three more posts then I am off to London. Thank you for reading, reblogging, liking, etc. 

    If you have any questions about the comic or about purchasing original comic strip artwork (did I mention I am moving to another country and am a little broke?), please email me at billyfore@gmail.com 

    Be well, everyone.

    — Billy Fore